Andrew Blanchard
Screen printed paintings
232 Union Street, Spartanburg, 29302
About Andrew Blanchard

For the past decade, Andrew Blanchard’s work has volleyed between personal reflection and objective reportage. Blanchard’s screen-printed paintings touch upon prickly issues such as boundaries and division, as well as the balance that can be found by summoning childhood nostalgia. Mother Nature’s will coupled with humanity's unhinged imbalance often share space within his works, indicating that notions of brotherly love and community activism are plagued when partisanship overshadows civility. For the sake of finding inner-peace amidst the past few turbulent years and beyond, he has employed Southern literature to establish sociolinguistic-based compositions in conjunction with his documentary-like imagery which communicate fortitude, self-reliance and the DIY nature of folks below the salt line. Lost memory, possessions, spent time, and betterment are present in his work and are as much of an homage as well as a purge. Double entendre is ever more present in which pseudo-religious, quasi-political, and racial curiosities rest below and rise just above the surface-texture embellished by a hybrid of paint, print, and photographic processes and techniques.

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