Requirements for Participation


  1. Studios must be located within the boundary of Spartanburg County.
  2. Studios are required to include a “working” artist space. Artists will include some type of display that allows visitors to observe their creative process. Simply setting up a gallery space in your living room is not acceptable. 
  3. The studio must also be a safe environment with adequate display and walking space for artists and visitors. Also, studios must provide safe and adequate parking. 

No Studio?

We understand some artists may not have their own studio.  Because this is an inclusive community event, artists with accessible studio space are encouraged to invite other artists to participate. Artists interested in becoming a guest artist must live or work in Spartanburg County and must find a studio “sponsor” before the application deadline.  Hosting artists will be included in all advertising and the Open Doors group exhibition. Guest artists will be listed only in the brochure on the page of their sponsor.  

If a guest artist wishes to be included in all advertising (such as the poster, brochure,  and website) and the Open Doors group exhibit to be held at The Artists Collective, they can do so by completing a full application and paying the $50 fee (if accepted).  Arrangements with your “sponsor” artist must be made in advance and their name must be included on the application.

Open Doors Meetings

Artists will be required to attend an Orientation Meeting and there will also be monthly info sessions held prior to the Studio Tour to assist them with their questions and preparation for the event. Topics that will be covered include, presentation, educating the public, and how to manage sales.  There will also be a follow-up meeting after the tour to gain feedback and collect data.  Each artist will track their visitors on a log for reporting purposes.

Jury Process

Artists will be selected by a Jury composed of professionals and established artists from the community. The jurying process ensures that the artwork included on the tour is original work, of high quality, and ready for exhibition.  Jurors will also assess studio space through photo documentation to ensure it is appropriate and safe for the general public to visit.


  • All participants must read and agree to follow the Open Doors Studio Tour instructions and requirements. 
  • The studio must be located within Spartanburg County.


There is no cost to complete an application.  Once accepted, there is a $50 fee for participation in the Open Doors Spartanburg Studio Tour.   Fees are applied to the cost of publicity and the group exhibition expenses and are non-refundable.