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Mooney Angel, corrected 2/3 scale plaster working model

By AC Button II

Mooney Angel, corrected 2/3 scale plaster working model in foreground as cast from clay maquette of same in background.  Original composition by sculptor.  This 4′-0″ tall model will be enlarged with compasses and triangle to be carved life-sized, minimum 6′-0″ tall and 0′-8″ to 0′-10″ in raised relief overall in GA Blue granite.  After general carving, a portrait face will be produced using a separate original clay & plaster model by sculptor which will be measured with a pointing machine to guide carving.  This project will be installed as the feature for a family plot memorial in Kentucky in 2024.

This project is being covered in entirety as part of the Virtual Stone Carving Apprenticeship, beginning at VSCA Video 32

The final casting of the completed working model is covered in VSCA Video 64:

The full VSCA Playlist can be viewed here:

For more information about Sculptor AC Button II and his work, visit the website and YouTube channel linked below:

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