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Saint Agatha

By Vivianne Carey

Agatha statement

My sculptures and installations explore the darker archetypal aspects of life but with a regenerative perspective. The work is mostly of a dark nature juxtaposed against white to reflect innocence, evil and divinity, grace and disgrace. Often the foundation of my work is intuitive and conceptually inspired by my own spiritual questioning, in this case the story of St. Agatha.

St. Agatha is one of the most famous virgin martyrs in the Catholic tradition. Her story captures her strength and steadfast devotion in spite of torture and persecution (including having her breasts cut off), by a 3rd century Roman ruler. She is venerated as the patron saint of those suffering from breast cancer. St. Agatha remained unwavering in her commitment to her Christian faith which strengthens many to this day.

A former Catholic school art educator and a woman with three sisters who have all had struggles with breast-related issues, I find the boldness and conviction of Agatha stirring. With this installation, I hope to provide empathy to those who suffer from breast cancer and that question their spiritual worthiness in the face of distress.

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