The Open Doors Studio Tour is a self-guided 2-day event each spring that is free and open to the public.

Carroll Foster

Portrait Photography

232 Union Street, Spartanburg, 29302

Carroll Foster

It has been a pleasure making a living in the creative field for most of my life and to be considered an artist by others is a blessing.  I have been a commercial and fine art photographer for almost thirty years.  There is a balance or blend of the two types I shoot.  Sometimes they are one and the same, other times they feel completely separate.  I’ve always tried to merge the two but some commercial jobs seem to dry to have even one once of artistic value.  All the photographic work has lead to one thing, growth and exploration in my field.  Photography has always been fun for me.  The medium has lead me down so many roads and put me in so many places.  These days a lot of my work focuses around portraiture of some kind, from business headshots to editorial photos for magazines to fashion photography for advertising.  The talk and work that goes into making those photos is as fun as looking at the end result.  As they say the journey is as fun as the destination.  The studio allows me to experiment on new techniques and try things I would like to use in the field. 

I look forward to seeing many people stop by the studio during the Open Door Studio weekend so you can see what we are all about.  I will be displaying old and new work as well as taking some new portraits.