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David Datwyler
Wood Turning
120 Nob Hill Rd, Spartanburg, 29307
About David Datwyler

David Datwyler is a wood artist who lives in Spartanburg, SC. His work is inspired by historical and modern vessels, especially pottery and blown glass. Although often based on utilitarian items such as baskets, vessels and tea pots his pieces are purely ornamental celebrations of craft as an art form. A lathe, a power tool that spins wood as it is being carved, is used as a basis for his work. He then enhances his pieces by carving, sculpting, deconstructing and reconstructing different components. He discovered wood turning as an art form twenty years ago. Captivated by the forms that could be produced on a lathe, he began turning in 2004. His first introduction to the Banksia seed pod was a piece in a gift shop that had been turned as a simple candlestick holder. He developed techniques to hollow the pod to a 3/16” wall thickness. His work has been in galleries, exhibits and museums throughout the country. He has won multiple awards including multiple best of show awards.

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