Hague Williams
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205. N. Randolph Ave., Landrum, 29356
About Hague Williams

Transformation and the catalysts that precipitate change over time are primary sources of motivation for my work. The mechanisms of visual persuasion, such as flags, logos, and emblems: referencing anthems, rituals, and other social-bonding experiences, become the organizing principles for my work. As a printmaker and artist, I am predictably interested in such change methods: Process is an integral part of my work. I am searching for the following translation, the following transformation, as seen through the eyes of history, by the ones that make and experience or suffer that history.

With a background in media and design, I weave complex and multi-layered compositions that address formal concerns. At the same time, I infuse meaning by using contemporary symbols of power, branding, advertising, and signifiers that blur the distinction between governments, religion, and corporations. These source images are re-contextualized into motifs and patterns that overlap and interact to present the viewer with something chaotic and intricate yet, at the same time, familiar.

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