The Open Doors Studio Tour is a self-guided 2-day event each spring that is free and open to the public.

Entry Instructions

This Page is required reading for all participating artists.

Artwork Images:  

Each image must be submitted individually as an Artwork.

Log into your Open Doors dashboard.

From your account Dashboard click the blue Add Artwork button.

Once you click the blue Add Artwork button you must do each of the following steps.

1. Add the title of your artwork.

2. Click the picture above the line that says Upload One Image. Upload the image of one of your artworks.

3. Fill in the rest of the form fields.

4. Then click the submit button at the bottom right corner.

To submit another artwork click the blue Add Artwork button again and repeat the process.

You must click the blue Submit button for each artwork.

Please upload 8 images of 8 individual (different) artworks that best reflect the art that will be displayed in your studio.  Do not include detail shots.

Each artwork must have a title and media.  

Size limit for images: no larger than 23 MB.

Studio Images:  

Please upload 2 images of the inside of your art studio from 2 different angles. If there is a question about the space you may be asked to send additional images or we may request a  studio visit. 

For each studio image please select Studio Image in the Medium box on the right side of the entry screen.

Studio Contract:  

Please complete and submit your studio contract. Your application can not be considered until your studio contract is submitted.

Click on the Studio Contract link in the left menu of your dashboard screen.

If you do not see the links in the left column, click the expansion icon ( as seen in the following screenshot ) to expand the menu.

Artist Statement & Studio Information:

Please keep your studio information up to date. This information is used throughout the website and in the printed catalog.

Your statement should include what you do, and ideas you incorporate into your artwork. This statement may be used for publicity purposes, so it should highlight what you want the public to know about you and your work.

1. Log in to your Open Doors dashboard.

2. Click on the Articles link in the left column of your dashboard.

3. Click on the article with your name as the title.

4. You can add both your artist statement and a description of your studio. The studio description is optional, but recommended.

5. When you are finished, click the Submit button.

6. If you need to make a change to your article just edit it again, and remember to click Submit.