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Julia Burnett
561 Otis Boulevard, Spartanburg, 29302
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About Julia Burnett

Growing up on a small farm in Campobello, South Carolina, I learned to love nature and its beauty at an early age. My mother was my instructor and inspiration, teaching me how to see and appreciate beauty in all things and encouraging me to capture it on paper.

Nature's beauty has always called to me. Therefore 1 find myself painting those images. I have gardened all my life, attracting birds, butterflies, bunnies, all kind of wild life to my gardens. These become the subjects of my paintings. I enjoy the details one can find in nature.

I utilize the transparency of watercolor to give light and softness of color, while using the dry brush technique to add crisp detail. My flowers and birds are true-to-life in color and shape and are combined according to season and habitat. My paintings might seem like a slice of a memory of your favorite garden, a view from a window or a glance into the edge of a wood - a time of day or the light of a certain hour for you to keep.

My Natures Circle series began in 2004 and has kept me ever intrigued, painting my own garden and others within these natures filled circles.

I have participated in art exhibits in Texas, Georgia, Florida, Missouri and South Carolina.  I put my art on hold for several years, fulfilling my creative energies with a gifts and decorative shop, The Hummingbird, hence my trademark the Hummingbird. I resumed painting in 1984.

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