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Mary Lou Hightower
Mixed Media
Mayfair Art Studios 217 - 1885 Hayne St, Spartanburg, 29301
About Mary Lou Hightower

Watercolor patchwork is my unique process where I have built the background surface of my artwork through the layering colors and incorporating textural materials to enhance the surface quality. This process involves sewing through the paper, adding buttons and opening areas to reveal hidden images underneath. Using the traditional of quilting, I have coined the term “watercolor patchwork” to celebrate the legacy of the quilts and my love for watercolor media. This gives my work a grid like appearance.

The idea of watercolor patchwork came from my interest in folk arts and quilting process. I have always had a special fascination with quilts because of my grandmother, Emma Swartz. She was an avid quilter and sewed patches every day until her death at age 95. Watercolor patchwork is also special tribute to her and my parents, Ralph and Grace Swartz.

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