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Sally Weber
Clay Pottery
Artists Collective | Spartanburg
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About Sally Weber

Jim and I have been sharing a studio for over 30 years. He on his pottery wheel and me using table and slab roller.

He's been fascinated with pottery and the wheel since he was 12 yrs old going to the Fine Arts school in Greenville SC in highschool then to Haywood college.

I did as much art as I was introduced to. My father had a wood shop and gave me carving tools and a piece of cedar.

When we got married I took some pottery classes to introduce me to clay. I loved tiles and coils, things I could build and carve on.

We did shows all around the South mostly a large show in the NC State Fair for 30 yrs. We've stayed with our pottery passions and grew into quite a team. Jim on the wheel turning beautiful and functional work. Me making my love of nature take form on the clay.

Thanks, Sally Y Weber

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