The Open Doors Studio Tour Spartanburg is a self-guided 2-day event, each spring, that is free to the public.

Sam Mitchell
226 Hydrick Street, Spartanburg, 29306
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About Sam Mitchell

An array of media attracts the educator in me, but none so great as painting. As a classically trained oil painter and conservator, I never believed I would stray to acrylic as my signature choice of medium.  Once I learned the correct use and understood the structure of acrylics, I was sold. My pallet is high key to pure. My darks tend to be sparse, and mid-tones usually make up for the lower end of the value scale, with yellow being my dominant “white.” Regardless of scale, my love of color and color theory intoxicates my artist's heart and influences my work. Always a fool for the Fauves, my appropriation of the early 20th-century movement is one I can endlessly study. Color projects a mood and establishes a structure within my work without having to be true to the natural world. I seek a balance of composition through simplified forms and saturated colors; within a pictorial space, each element plays a specific role. The immediate visual impression of my work is strong and unified, although its subject matter is quite diverse.

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