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AC Button II
193 Twin Creek Drive, Boiling Springs, South Carolina 29316
About AC Button II

"My lifelong work as a sculptor and three-dimensional artist varies greatly.

I have carved since the day I turned 6 and bought my first real knife with my own money.   Working as a granite sculptor has been my full-time profession for over 20 years, preserving the methods and craft of the family and Master Sculptors who apprenticed me. Previously, a full culinary apprenticeship with extensive additional training allowed me significant opportunity to create with more temporal media in ways that are as satiating as they are intangible.  In recent years, work in metalshaping- where the surface plane is transformed into a complex shape - has provided the perfect complement to additive and reductive methods.

Talking is easy.  Carving life into granite is not. I would rather cut stone and prove what I can do.  My work in stone has provided my family's livelihood for decades.  The stone speaks the truth of what I can do and what I have done, without bias or excuses."  AC Button II

AC Button II

For more information about Sculptor AC Button II and his work, visit the website and YouTube channel linked below:

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