Lucy Boland


I recently moved from my loft studio on Main Street, where I built and operated my small art business for 7 years, to a storefront on Dunbar Street. I’m still “under construction” but plan to be open by the new year. Because of my recent changes and restructuring of my business, all of my IT…

183 Dunbar Street, Spartanburg, 29302

About Lucy Boland

My work is an honest commitment to a learning process through visual understanding and peaceful protest. I often use symbolism, color harmonies, vulnerable lines and truthful narratives in an attempt to spark questions about larger modern themes. Intuitive and energetic in nature, my work reflects a constantly evolving thirst for exploration and knowledge. My most recent work examines women’s work and generational healing through the medium of paint and the exploration of textiles. The art I make serves as the vehicle in which I explore my history and investigate my future. It roots me in this time and space. It is how I process the world we live in and my means of healing. I’m grateful to create.