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Best Two Day Sales of My Life
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Barb Bordogna

I had more than 80 visitors in two days, substantial sales (best two day sales of my life) and now I have a list of emails so that I can notify patrons of my participation in shows, new work, etc.

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Important Way To Connect
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Ralph Pacquin, 2023

We did not participate in this expecting any sales. We thought it was more important to share our work and connect with other artists and art administrators.

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43 Of My 85 Visitors Were New To Me
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Jan Scott, 2023

Visitors to my studio: 43 of my 85 visitors were new to me, having never visited previously. Many were interested in art/pottery. Several mentioned having seen my work at Artists Collective show and came regarding those pieces.

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You Did A Great Job In Advertising
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Patrick DeCrane, 2023

I thought everything was well planned and organized. You did a great job in advertising. I especially liked having artwork at the airport because I feel it brought great visitability to the artists participating.

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Several Visitors Came Back The Next Day
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Vivianne Carey, 2023

This was a much needed boost to my studio and studio practices. Plus, it was really exciting to see and talk to the people that visited to my studio. Several of them came back the next day after their first visit.