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Vivianne Carey
Mixed Media
167 Brighton St., Spartanburg, 29306
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About Vivianne Carey

Vivianne Lee Carey was born in Millville, NJ in 1959. Carl Sandburg wrote, ''Down in southern New Jersey they make glass. By day and by night, the fires burn on in Millville.'' As a sculptor that forms metal & glass by fire, the poetic lines are an affirmation of the materials she utilizes in her work. “My sculptures and installations explore the darker archetypal aspects of life but with a regenerative perspective. Filthy pearls, oil-stained rags, sharpened nails and glass shards are juxtaposed against white to reflect innocence, evil and divinity, grace and disgrace. Like a beautiful nightmare, these objects, made from primarily glass and steel are reminiscent of haunted treasures found in a reliquary. They tend to enjoy each other’s company, as they display well together, and seem to be on the verge of whispering a tainted fairy tale.” Carey received her BFA from Converse College in 1981, and an MFA from Winthrop University in 2016. Her works are in several regional and international collections and she has been honored to have received several grants for public sculpture. She currently teaches in the sculpture department at Converse University in her hometown of Spartanburg, SC.

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